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The MICHE Bag Purse Club has been created by The Chicago Purse And Company. We decided to create this club due to the loyalty that MICHE Bag owners have shown our Designer Purse Gallery.

The Chicago Purse And Company - Miche Bag Retailer

Authorized MICHE Bag Retailer

Contact Monita Merritt at 708-638-7160 or  Email:


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. chicagopurse
    Jun 10, 2010 @ 22:54:24 would like to join the club


  2. chicagopurse
    Jun 23, 2010 @ 05:20:17

    At this time, Miche Corporate does not allow authorized retailers to post pricing on websites. Our pricing is the same as Miche corporate less 10% plus free standard shipping in the U.S. So far Miche customers have been delighted with this program.


  3. Rhonda Irven
    Nov 17, 2010 @ 16:19:35

    I place an order on Nov 8th. The order # is 19489. I would like to know how to track or when the order was shipped.


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