New Grace Large Miche Bag Shell


Grace Miche Bag

Grace Large Miche Bag Shell

New June Miche Shell

Salmon color floral motif fabric with dark tan faux leather accent.

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Ella Miche Bag Shell

Ella Miche Shell

Drew Large Miche Bag Shell

Drew Large Miche Bag Shell

Andi Miche Shell

Andi Miche Bag Shell

Natasha Miche Shell

Natasha Miche Bag Shell

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New Elizabeth MICHE Bag Shell Is Now Here!


Elizabeth Miche Bag Shell

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May MICHE Bag Shell Releases

New MICHE Shell status: Elizabeth late May, Natalie  mid May, Sabrina  mid May, Madelyn late May, Black chains late May. MICHE Shells Erin & Jayne have been a hit and are now available at our store. The MICHE cream base is now also available.


Miche Bags Chicago Purse

Miche Bags Available At The Chicago Purse

The Chicago Purse And Company is an authorized retailer for MICHE Bags in the Chicago Land Area. Lately, we have noticed an over-whelming number of MICHE Bag sales at our store. We have also noticed that the MICHE Bag is truly a unique handbag and the owners are very loyal and want to know when the New MICHE Bag Shells are being released. The Unique Handbag allows the owners the freedom to change the outside of their bag in seconds without the hassle of removing all of their personal items.

We decided that creating a MICHE Bag Purse Club would be a great idea! We want our MICHE customers to share their experience(s) with the MICHE Bag in one place. It has proven to be one bag with endless possiblities. A very unique handbag that allows you to dress quickly to match your day or your personality.

Receive 10% off future MICHE purchases and FREE STANDARD SHIPPING when you post a comment on our website and join the MICHE Bag Purse Club! Please See The Benefits Page!

Please feel free to share your thoughts about your MICHE Bag on our blog and  join our Miche Bag Purse Club!

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“One Bag that gives you FREEDOM to match your personality in seconds!”