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You can now order Miche Bags, shells, and accessories directly from our website!

View the latest shells, mini miches, and accessories and have them shipped directly to you!

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Monita Merritt
Email: gm@thechicagopurse.com
Phone: 708-638-7160


New Miche Shells Macie, Cameron, And Brynn

New Miche Shells Macie, Cameron, And Brynn are now available to order. Please call or email to place your order today!

Macie Miche Shell

Cameron Miche Shell









Brynn Miche Shell

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Miche Bag Gift Certificates

Miche Bags are great gifts! Purchase a gift certificate today.

Call 815-582-4300 and ask for Monita Merritt.

Jayne Miche Bag Shell Now Available!


Jayne Miche Bag Shell

Jayne Miche Bag Shell!

Free shipping! Call 815-582-4300 or email gm@thechicagopurse.com for pricing or to place your order.

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