Bag Miche – New Hope Shells

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The Hope 2010 Miche Shells did so well that Miche has re-designed them for 2011. For every Miche Hope Shell sold Miche donates $5.00 to The Huntsman Cancer Foundation.

In 2010 Miche Bag donated $703,445 to cancer research!

Bag Miche Hope Shell

Miche Bag Hope Shells

Place your order today and support cancer research. Call 815-582-4300 or email

Monita K. Merritt



Miche Bag Gift Certificates

Miche Bags are great gifts! Purchase a gift certificate today.

Call 815-582-4300 and ask for Monita Merritt.

Jayne Miche Bag Shell Now Available!


Jayne Miche Bag Shell

Jayne Miche Bag Shell!

Free shipping! Call 815-582-4300 or email for pricing or to place your order.

New Grace Large Miche Bag Shell


Grace Miche Bag

Grace Large Miche Bag Shell

New June Miche Shell

Salmon color floral motif fabric with dark tan faux leather accent.

Please call 815-582-4300 or email for pricing or more information. Thank you.

Vanessa Miche Bag Shell At Chicago Purse

Vanessa Miche Bag Shell

Vanessa Miche Bag Shell

Vanessa Miche Bag Shell. Please call 815-582-4300 or email to place your order. Free standard shipping in the U.S.

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