Order Miche Bags, Shells, And Accessories!!

Ella Miche Bag Shell

Ella Miche Shell

Drew Large Miche Bag Shell

Drew Large Miche Bag Shell

Andi Miche Shell

Andi Miche Bag Shell

Natasha Miche Shell

Natasha Miche Bag Shell

Join The Club! The Miche Bag Purse Club! Standard Shipping. U.S. Only. Please Call Monita Merritt 708-638-7160 or email gm@thechicagopurse.com.


August Miche Bag Shells!

Here are the new Miche Bag Shells for August! Please call Monita Merritt at

708-638-7160 or email gm@thechicagopurse.com with any questions or simply click the order button to order online.

Melody small miche bag shell

Melody Miche Shell

Janee Small Miche Bag Shell

Jane'e Miche Shell

Jocelynne Miche Big Bag Shell

Jocelynne Miche Shell

Donna Miche Big Bag Shell

Donna Miche Shell

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Order Miche Bags And New Miche Shells!

You can now order Miche Bags, shells, and accessories directly from our website!

View the latest shells, mini miches, and accessories and have them shipped directly to you!

Thank you,

Monita Merritt
Email: gm@thechicagopurse.com
Phone: 708-638-7160

New Miche Shells Macie, Cameron, And Brynn

New Miche Shells Macie, Cameron, And Brynn are now available to order. Please call or email to place your order today!

Macie Miche Shell

Cameron Miche Shell









Brynn Miche Shell

Bag Miche – New Hope Shells

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The Hope 2010 Miche Shells did so well that Miche has re-designed them for 2011. For every Miche Hope Shell sold Miche donates $5.00 to The Huntsman Cancer Foundation.

In 2010 Miche Bag donated $703,445 to cancer research!

Bag Miche Hope Shell

Miche Bag Hope Shells

Place your order today and support cancer research. Call 815-582-4300 or email gm@thechicagopurse.com.

Monita K. Merritt


Scarlet Miche Shell

The Scarlet Miche Shell is available at The Chicago Purse. Classy dark red shell. Contact Monita Merritt at 815-582-4300 or email gm@thechicagopurse.com.

Free standard shipping in the U.S.

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